Ohio Criminal Defense News

The Ninth District Court of Appeals recently held that contraband found pursuant to a valid inventory search is admissible at trial notwithstanding that the defendant made incriminating statements regarding the contraband without the benefit of Miranda warnings.  In State v. Keyser, 2017-Ohio-1182, the Court held that heroin found during a lawful inventory search was admissible despite the fact that the police violation the defendant’s Miranda rights, and obtained incriminating statements regarding the heroin without the benefit of Miranda warnings.  The Court reiterated the rule announced in State v. Farris, 109 Ohio St.3d 519, however, that evidence obtained as a “direct result” of statements made without the benefit of Miranda warnings was inadmissible.  That rule did not apply in Keyser, however, as the heroin was found during the inventory search.  A link to the Ninth District Decision and the Farris decision can be found here.  These decisions provide guidance for Ohio criminal attorneys.



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