Ohio Personal Injury and Auto Accident Lawyer

In recent years, the legal landscape in Ohio for personal injury practitioners and injury victims has tilted in favor of the insurance companies. In 2006, the Ohio Supreme Court in Robinson v. Bates reversed a century of precedent by holding that evidence of reduced payments to an injury victim’s medical providers can be introduced to a jury. In so doing, the Ohio Supreme Court drastically altered the “collateral source” rule, which holds that evidence of a third-party source of medical payments is generally inadmissible. So, for example, a jury can now hear evidence that an injury victim’s medical insurance carrier negotiated a $500 reduction of a $1,000 medical bill. This kind of prejudicial evidence has reduced the ability of injury victim’s to receive fair compensation for their injuries. It is therefore more imperative than ever to retain experienced injury counsel to combat these defense tactics. The Brown Law Office provides this skilled representation.

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