Wayne County Common Pleas Court

Sandora v. Thompson

Brown Law Office represented Clients in Will Contest and Concealment Actions.  After extensive pre-trial litigation, case settled a month prior to trial for $620,000, one of the largest probate settlements in Wayne County history.


Wayne County Common Pleas Court

Savage v. Rice, 2016 PB-V 897

After four-day jury trial in the largest concealment action in Wayne County history, client unanimously found NOT GUILTY on all claims.


Wayne County Common Pleas Court

Harding v. Humrichouser, 2014 CVC-H 286

Client awarded $30,000 for a breach of contract claim after jury trial.


Personal Injury Settlements

Client awarded insurance policy limits $50,000 settlement in rear-end accident case.

Client awarded $55,000 settlement in property injury case.  Brown Law Office fought against one of the largest companies in the United States to obtain settlement.